Covid-19 Stream Park Taekwondo 2020 Chuncheon Korea Open!!

On May 27th, The chuncheon Korea Open International TKD Championships are held regularly during the month. June – July of every year, the poster of the 2020 Chuncheon Korea Open International TKD Championships in Proter indicates the date of the tournament on October 22-28, 2020!!! The Chuncheon Hoban Gymnasium, and also mascots.

The page also states that the message is left behind: Get ready for a new competition. Taekwondo members who follow the page. I’ve been asking a lot of questions. The 14-day detention, which the organizers responded to, said, “I don’t think October will continue to be detained.” Of course, Thailand, we also need november. Even if you’re a sports event.

Remark – As of May 31 The 2020 tournament is not yet on the competition calendar. WT’s, but how?